“Songwriting ability is a gift. After a while, you come to realize, "I’ve really been blessed. I can write these things and it makes me happy, and it makes millions of people happy. But it’s an obligation, it’s bigger than you. It’s the only true magic I know. It’s not pulling a rabbit out of a hat; it’s real. It’s your soul floating out to theirs.” - [Tom Petty]


Michigan singer-songwriter Amy Young started singing as a young girl in a small country church her family attended.  Music turned into one of her short-lived majors at Western Michigan University after being unable to reconcile a degree in voice and starting a family in Michigan, which ultimately led to her career in Social Work.  Fortunately; in time, life revealed that music can be a part of everything else, which is where her songs come from. “I write to process. I write to relate. The lyrics and feelings behind the music bring us together. Our stories may be different but how our stories impact us through celebration or suffering is common humanity, it's connection. We all need connection”.  



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