REVIEW:  In "BLUE COLLAR BABY," DA7 offers enjoyable pop sensibilities but more diverse deeper cuts that stand on their own, combining bluegrass richer than your mama’s biscuits and gravy, ukulele love songs, and even a detour through smoky lounge-music jazz. Songs like “Carolyn” show off Young’s beautiful voice,  combined with the ’70s country-reminiscent instrumentals, hearken back to the days of Emmylou, Dolly and Linda.   – Molly Long

WHERE TO BUY?  Blue Collar Baby is available on your favorite digital download store (Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, etc.).along with other DA7 singles.  

"SUBTLE CHANGES IN VIEW"  is the 2006 solo album of Young's work. It includes the velvety smooth vocals and beautiful stories that connect and enchant.  This album is a treat & makes a perfect gift for a music lover in your life! 

WHERE TO BUY?  Subtle Changes In View is available on ITUNES!