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New song release: "Cloudy or Blue" All Rights Reserved by Artist Amy Young, Dave's at 7

Album releases 2019, 2008

Interview WYCE

DA7 Out at Festival of the Arts

Performing "Carolyn"

Daves At 7 SWINGS

DAVES AT 7 SWINGS!  Oh boy do they ever.  DAVES AT 7 loves to perform jazz and the blues too, so when they do, drummer Bob Ruthven (drums) and Wright McCargar (keys) join them. They call this ensemble "MOOD SWINGS" and are available to book for any size event through this website's " BOOKINGS/Contact Me" page or by calling 616.334.7258.  Catch us this spring at the Hastings Jazz Festival if not sooner! 


DA7 SWINGS performs "Come Home"

DA7 SWINGS - Performing "Till There Was You"